Dreams for China

Estimated running time 12 min
Dialogue in English and Mandarin
Shot on location in Shanghai on RED at 4K

This is a project I started some years ago. I made all the mistakes I could possibly make on it, writing, producing, directing, starring in it, finding all the locations and painting some of the artwork myself. I invested money of my own and worked with a local crew. I found a sweet friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend to star as Wang and a handful of Shanghainese expats, including AD Gianpaolo Lupori, DP Stefano Fusi and actor Charlie Mayer, to make up the rest of the team. I let myself get talked out of shots I did need in the end and overstretched myself generally. But most of the footage is in the can and has been edited with Marie Deroudille and Tom Hall. I now need an animator and, ideally, an experienced UK-based co-producer to help me get it finished.

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