I am a writer, although I have done and I still do lots of other things.

I grew up in the Netherlands in a Dutch-French family. My upbringing was quite conventional, but it had a lot of art, books and making things in it, and parental encouragement to explore the world. After my Dutch ‘Gymnasium’ diploma I graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in the United States, then after some searching and the start of an MA English Language and Literature at the University of Edinburgh I completed the Three Year Acting Course at the Guildford School of Acting. Over the Covid lockdowns I got a BA (Hons) Theatre from the University of Surrey, graduating First Class.

I have acted, assisted, directed, produced, adapted, translated, edited and written fiction and non-fiction for books, stage, screen and other media, in the UK, U.S., Europe and briefly in China. I generally wear several hats on every project, working on the business side as well as the creative side of things.

Between 2006 and 2023 I sat on the board of the Visual Legacy Foundation in the Netherlands, where from 2018 onwards I had a leading role in all strategy, fundraising, legal and production matters, and was responsible for distribution, PR and promotion in education. I also have my own company, Little Flame Productions, in London.

I am trilingual English-Dutch-French, I write in English and I translate my own work into Dutch. I also speak Swedish, Italian, German and a bit of Mandarin, and I have a few more languages on my wish list.